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About The Trust


Discussions began during 1989  between the Trustees, their Solicitor and the Charity Commission to formulate a Grants policy.

These discussions continued through to 1993 when  the title under which  the Trustees worked –‘ The Redruth Social Service Committee’ was considered no longer appropriate. Thus they became known as


Details were finalised during 1994 and a sum of £2000

Was set aside from their investments. 18 groups were successful beneficiaries of this first appeal.

In the  years following, grants  totalling over £115,000 have been made.

 The money available to be given as grants comes from surplus income paid to the Trust from rentals of  the property at Drump Road.

The Trust is charged with distribution of grants for the general benefit of the inhabitants of Redruth in such ways as the Trustees think fit.

 Clauses taken from the Charity Commission document:

Encouragement and support of all bodies of a non-political and non-sectarian nature which are working in Redruth for the amelioration of social conditions or are in any way engaged in organising voluntary effort for the social or cultural benefit of the community at large.Provision of occupational, recreational and educational facilities for those inhabitants of Redruth who are umemployed and the provision of recreational and cultural facilities for the young people of Redruth.

Groups and Societies  who have received grants from the Trust are too numerous to mention.They include: Age Concern and various Clubs run for the benefit of the elderly, almost every Sports club in the area,bands,choirs and drama groups,and of course Brownies, Scouts, Guides and Play groups.

If the group or club which you belong to has not received a grant then now is the time to apply.

Application forms are available from May - July each year.

The grants are usually between £100 and £250 – the sum is not vast but often makes a big difference.

The closing date for this year is 17 July.

An easy to complete application form is available from:

The Secretary, 26 Heanton Terrace, REDRUTH TR15 2HS.

Please include a stamped addressed envelope.

Alternatively request a form by email: